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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
MATLAB for hydrologists

Matlab is a very strong software for hydrologists . You can see here more about this useful software. If you want to learn more about Matlab , you can read the Matlab Tutorial of University of New Hampshire from this Link
and you can see and read the Applications of Matlab software in Water System Course from University of North Carolina from this Link .

Please click on this Link to see the page of RAINFALL-RUNOFF MODELLING & MONTE-CARLO ANALYSIS TOOLBOXES for MATLAB from Imperial College London ( You can download them and their user Manuals for free ). You can see and download 3 weeks Course materails of Matlab from Hydroinformatic Course of this university from this Link too.

Finally GIS and MATLAB Integrated for Groundwater Modelling is an online paper that you can read it from this Link .

MATLAB has many useful and applicable toolboxes for hydrologists, More applicable of this Tool boxes are : Simulink , Mapping Toolbox , Image processing Toolbox , Statistic Tollbox , Excel Link , Curve fitting Toll box , Fuzzy Logic Tool box , Optimaization Tool box and Neural Network Tool box .


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