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Friday, November 07, 2003
Your Comments about CatchmentSim

I recieve the followings E-Mail from my friend, Chiris Rayan , ( CatchmentSIM Application Developer ) today.

Hi Farnush,

I am currently finalising my PhD which documents the development of the CatchmentSIM software. As part of my PhD, I am hoping to compile an Appendix with some feedback from users that have downloaded and used CatchmentSIM.
I would be very grateful for any comments that you may have. If you feel like you could contribute, please email me some brief comments (< 200 words). I am hoping to compile the Appendix by the end of November.
Thanks for being a part of this research; I hope it has been useful to you.

Kind Regards,
Chris Ryan
CatchmentSIM Application Developer

Dear Scientists, Students, Engineers , ... Who know Catchment Sim software. Please write and send your comments for Mr. Ryan ( CatchmentSIM Application Developer ) .
E_Mail :cryan@piglet.cc.utexas.edu

Thank you again.


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