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Thursday, July 24, 2003
GIS & It's applications in water resources Eng.

GIs ( Geographic information system ) is a very important tool in Water resources Eng. & Mangagement. Today, I would like to introduce some English and German Presentations and courses.


1 - GIS and Remote sensing by : C. Pritzsch from university of Texas
2 - Introduction to GIS by: David R. Maidment from university of Texas
3 - Map based flood hydrology & Hydraulics by: David R. Maidment from university of Texas
4 - GIS & Extreme flood hydrology by : Jim Smith from university of princeton
5 - GIS applications in regional & Global Hydrology by : scientists of Texas University
6 - Geographic Information system from USGS


7 - GIS Tutorial by : R. Stahl & K. Greve
8 - Geo informatic tutoral by scientists of Potsdam University
9 - Introduction to degital remote sensing application in Geo Sciences by : Dr. T. Prinz from university of Muenster

Monday, July 14, 2003
What is GSTARS 2.1?

GSTARS or ( Generalized Stream Tube model for Alluvial River Simulation ) is a hydraulic and sedimentation numerical model to simulate flows in rivers and channels with or without movable boundaries from USBR . To access the free download Web page, you must complete and send the GSTARS version 2.1 Registration Form in this page .
you can see more information and down load technical papers from this Link too.

Friday, July 04, 2003
VS2DI software

VS2DI is a free of charge graphical software package for simulating flow and transport in variably saturated porous media from USGS. This software package consists of three components:

- VS2DTI, for simulating fluid flow and solute transport,

- VS2DHI, for simulating fluid flow and energy (heat) transport,

- VS2POST a standalone postprocessor for viewing results saved from previous simulation runs .

more informations and download.


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