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Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Map Based Flood Presentation

You can see the Map Based Flood hydrology and hydraulics Presentation by: Prof. Maidment from this link.This is an old presentation (1998) about this subject but it is very useful to underestand the base concepts of spatial hydrology and Map based flood hydrology and hydrulics.
Also, You can see this link for more informations about CRWR-PrePro and it's toturials and examples and ... by Dr. Olivera.

Nowadays, You can use the new version's of Hec-Hms & Hec-GeoHms and Hec-Ras & Hec-GeoRas with ArcView software for the same projects.

You can raed and learn more about HEC softwares and download the softwares and their user manuals and examples for free through these links :

HEC = Hydrologic Engineering Center Home Page
Free Download of Hec-Hms
Free Download of Hec-GeoHms and it's example files and user manuals.
Free Download of user manuals of Hec-Hms and other help books.

For more informations about Hec-Ras and Hec-GeoRas please see my previous writings ( May 21,2003 and June 11,2003 ).

Friday, June 13, 2003
GIS Data for Water Resources

If you need GIS Data for Water Resources training, you can see this link from USGS.

Please see this presentation from Prof. Maidment about the role of GIS in Hydrologic studies and projects. For more informations about GIS Hydro 98,please see this link.

w.bloggar software

I saw a free of charge program yesterday and I downloaded it.
This software name is W.bloggar. I install it now and I write this text as a test. This program looks very strong and user friendly and have very useful tools for weblog writers. You can see more about this program from this link and download it for free from It's Download link in the left of this Page .
With this software, You can write and change easily the colors,size,font and ... .
I send this writing now.

A new software

I would like to test a new software. This is a test for me. I am testing a public software for weblog writers. The next subject is not a bout hydrology but i write more about hydrology later.
Thank you.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
HecRAS software and ...

As you know HecRas is an important free of charge software in hydraulic and hydrologic studies and River engineering projects. You can download the new version of this software and it's exmaple files ( Ver 3,1,1 - may 2003 ) for free from this link.

If you will use HecRas with ArcView GIS or ArcInfo softwares you can download HecGeoRas ArcView and HecGeoRas ArcInfo softwares & Exmaple files. Don't forget it, You sould have ArcView GIS or ArcInfo software yourself.

You need User Manuals and other learn books for this softwares. You can download them from this link as PDF files.
Also, you can download and read the HecRas Power points courses in this page for free. this self-tarining courses was developed by NRCS as a three-day course and has been presented in several classroom settings.The Power Point presentations include views of various HecRAS data input screens and the examples include actual data for hands-on experience.

If you have any problems, you can go to this support Forum and search for the answer of your questions or you can ask your questions from other members in this forum for free.

Sunday, June 01, 2003
Persian Gulf Will always be Persian Gulf

Today , I introduce a new Home page about Persian Gulf.
This site is about various issues relating to the Persian Gulf such as ecology, history, and trade. more... .
You can see Persian Gulf Site with it's Permanent link in the left side of this weblog too.


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